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Adult therapies

Facing adversity

In consultation is very common to find adults with psychological problems such as anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation and traumatic situations that generate great suffering for the person. My job is to help them develop new capacities to face this pain.


Do you feel fatigued, easily irritated, with restlessness, sleep problems or difficulty to control your worries, making your daily life more and more complicated? Anxiety can be treated with us.

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Do you feel blocked, sad, tired, with weight loss or gain, insomnia, with concentration and memory problems or desperate, do you think about death in a recurrent way and have a negative vision about the future? If this is your case, I can help you.

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Grief and loss

If you have lost someone through death, have had a traumatic breakup or are in a situation of losing someone important in your life and you are having a hard time getting over it, you can contact me to begin to better manage your emotions.

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Have you lived through one or more traumatic and painful experiences, even though they happened a long time ago, but it still affects you and you often have images that come to your mind uncontrollably, insomnia, nightmares, irritability, fear, guilt or frequent emotional disconnection, does this affect your life and the way you relate to others? I can help you overcome and integrate the past into your present life.

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Suicidal behavior

If you feel depressed, have frequent thoughts of death or have thought about taking your own life or planning a way to disappear; from psychology we know that you are in deep pain and that you do not feel able to cope on your own any longer. I can help you to empower your personal resources to cope with the normal pressures of life so that the pain is lessened.

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Other pathologies

Are you jealous of your partner, do you have sleep problems, have you recently suffered a breakup, do you have anger attacks, do you have trouble controlling your impulses, do you have problems with eating, do you feel that no one understands you, do you use alcohol or drugs to solve your problems?

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