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Workshops, talks and teaching

I have two types of workshops and talks focused on mental health and intervention and prevention in bullying and suicidal behavior.

  • Workshops and talks in various areas of mental health:
    • Oriented in the training of strategies and guidelines on the improvement of mental health such as depression, anxiety, attachment, grief, trauma and other psychological problems that are worked from the center. In addition, talks are given on demand within the various areas that health psychology addresses
  • Intervention and prevention in school bullying and suicidal behavior:
    • We organize trainings for educators, students and teachers on suicidal behavior and bullying within schools. Implementation of a protocol supervised and approved by the Spanish Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

I offer workshops, talks and teaching on:

Different areas of mental health

Diverse fields of mental health for professionals, companies, public institutions,…

Bullying and suicidal behavior

School bullying and suicidal behavior for schools, universities, vocational training centers,…