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Guidance and support for family members, relatives and caregivers

As alternative services, I offer the possibility to guide family members and relatives in a specific way in situations in which the affected person does not want to go for consultation, but the relatives and close people are worried and do not know how to help him/her.

The aim of this service is to strengthen family members to be able to help the affected person in an indirect way, as well as to deal with the anguish and concern of the family members themselves when facing problems at home or in the family.

The idea of this service is NOT to perform a treatment, but a psychoeducation and guidance to these family members to cope better with the situation and learn how to act when faced with certain problems that may arise in a few sessions.

Other family counseling services focus on suicidal behavior and chronic illness:

  • Affected by suicidal behavior/autolytic behavior/survivors (postvention and bereavement).
  • Orientation and support to caregivers in the elderly. Adaptation to the aging process, chronic or terminal illness; as well as suicide prevention in the elderly and ways to address it effectively.
  • Support and guidance for people with chronic, oncological or terminal pathologies and their families. Suicide in chronic illness and bereavement.

Regarding family counseling in children and adolescents, parents can benefit from this service to acquire knowledge about the management of a particular problem, however, the ideal is to be able to carry out the treatment with the child or adolescent, since we also work with the family and provide all the necessary information according to the patient’s needs.

I offer guidance and support for:

Family members

Orientation and support to family members.


Orientation and support to caregivers.

Family members

Orientation and support to relatives.